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Stock Car Evolution 2013 (SCE) is a scratch built stock car simulator mod for rFactor which has been in development since 2005. It brings the intensity, grit, and roaring sound of NASCAR to the PC and rFactor.

In SCE we use real world information to develop our physics in all three of our series, resulting in the most realistic driving experience possible. A dedicated team of developers, from a former Microsoft & NASCAR software engineer to software developers, adds to what is already the most realistic NASCAR simulator for the PC. Simply put . . . SCE is a true stockcar SIMULATOR!

The Evolution continues with the release of our new and improved SCE 2013. New levels of detail in both physics and graphics combined with years of development make this version the best stock car racing simulator to date.

2013 additions:
*2013 GEN-6 CUP Models
*Improved physics for 2013 NASCAR rules
*Advanced DX9 Shaders applied to all Tracks and cars.
*Updated textures at most of the tracks.
*Implemented RFE Dynamic weather to all tracks.
*Dynamic temperatures will affect grip levels at the track.
*Aero tight when close behind someone’s bumper.
*Better turning in the center due to more rear steer – just like the real cars.
*Easier to catch the car when spinning out due to tire model improvements.
*Default setups tweaked to handle better.
*Tracks – bug fixes and scratch builts. Huge thanks to Garry Cross, this is a ton of work.
*More realistic tire wear, quick drop off on stickers then slow drop off.

This is a High Level Graphics update and needs to be run in DX9 to get the affects that were implemented. You can run in DX8 but it will not look near as good, but will help gain a few frame rates. We decided it was time to push rFactor to its limits this year and I believe we have done it!

We hope you enjoy this version as much as we enjoyed working on it for you.

You can provide feedback for future development through our forums at www.StockCarEvolution.Com.

SCE is a “Stand Alone” rFactor mod, do not install it over your original rFactor install. The SCE installation includes rFactor already built in.


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